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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Sage Hill Farms Chocolate? Vintage - even!
Chocolate Tea~~~Chocolate What?~~~~Chocolate Tea!

I know you have all heard the term "This is not your mothers so and so." Well if we are speaking of tea and we are, it could very well be your mothers or your grandmothers.

Herbal teas have been around as long as the dirt they are grown in. Dating back to ancient times right along with the coca plant.

Now if your wondering what all this has to do with chocolate, well, I can answer that.
Growing in my garden is a lovely herb by the name of "chocolate mint" it smells like chocolate, taste like chocolate, so it must be chocolate!

The leaves can be used fresh in coffee or tea to impart a delicious chocolately aroma and taste.
Dried it can be crushed and used in cakes, cookies, ice cream and best of all in brownies.

Used in conjunction with other mints it makes some very interesting tea blends.

Just a side note: There is a "chocolate" scented Daisy also. (not edible) It's about the size of a quarter, has striking red undersides and a chocolate colored stamen. It grows about 18" high, makes a great border plant. The scent is in the stamen which drops with temperatures above 90*

Chocolate dreams everyone~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bea Kunz
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