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Thursday, December 15, 2011
Power Ball Winner - Why Not Me?

You know they're out there, those people who win the Power Ball and spend all their money on booze, partying and drugs... So, why can't I win the Power Ball and do something good with the money? I would, you know!

I would help other people, buy a house to live in, help others accomplish their dreams and give to the greater need. I'd be constantly helping others, showing them the heart of one who loves to give, and sharing the blessed wealth I'd have. Why? Because that's who I am.

This past week, my daughter shared with me that she and her husband were invited to stay with a friend after they moved out of their military housing. The friend didn't indicate they owed them anything for staying there, until her husband was off to his duty in the Middle East. But now, she has to pay half of their housing allotment which she needed to buy her plane ticket home, to her friend for staying there, after already buying groceries, several meals and other benefits while she was there. It's okay, she paid up. Her plane ticket is purchased and she's on her way home with her little boy.

She said, "Mom, I'd invite anyone to stay in my home under these circumstances and never charge them a dime. I don't understand the thought process that goes through people's greedy minds. If you're spending it all to accomplish something of value, someone will decide they need it more than you - EVEN when you've already given something to help them."

We talked for a while, her realizing that she'd already given something more. We understand the concept of giving, and we do... constantly. It just seems we give more than our share, even with a grateful heart.

So... About that power ball thing? Why not me?

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011
Joyful Moments-in the garden

One of the most joyful ways to enjoy your garden is to simply let it be. Allow some areas to grow within their own boundaries, to spread, mix, and go wild :)

One place I allow this is just outside my drying barn...small beds on each side of the doors are never 'planted'...I use the space to sweep seed  and cuttings from the barn floor-whatever germinates and grows is what we enjoy.

This year we have zinnias, parsley, fennel, and a grapevine, all happily living and growing together.

Take your joy where you find it....we often can't control the events or the outcome of a day, week, or year...but we can make or find one joyful moment in each and every day- and embrace it for good.

Have a joyful season~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Farms

All your holiday herbs, seasonings, tisanes , and teas are available at the Sage Hill website...fresh dried and flavorful...and as always-chemical free~

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Monday, February 22, 2010
Rich Delicious Decadence - Marketing the Life
With all the sparkle and shine of Valentine's Day passing into distant history, the next holiday celebrating the decadent chocolate extravagance would be Easter?

Often, though we pick our favorite kind of chocolate bunny, there are many other kinds of chocolate that might be more decadent for this holiday. Consider a white chocolate cheese cake with raspberry sauce, or a 7 layer chocolate cake with white coconut frosting? How about a rack of lamb with savory chocolate sauce or hot cross buns with chocolate drizzle?

When I hear the many comments about chocolate, or dressing up for the parties, or hunting Easter eggs, I wonder if we've forgotten what Easter is all about. It's not the dress you wear, or the kind of hat you buy, or even whether or not you wear white shoes... It is about the risen Christ. Christ arose on the morning we now celebrate as Easter Sunday.

A savior, born on Christmas, raised by a carpenter, taught in the synagogues and walked the roads of Galilee, hung on a cross on Calvary and rose again, three days later, to save your soul from eternal damnation. That's what Easter is all about.

The Rich Delicious Decadence of lives well lived, where giving to others is greater than giving to self, where loving brings more reward than being loved. Marketing the lifestyle of Christianity brings satisfaction and gratitude. The understanding of gratitude and when to be grateful brings the delicious satisfaction of knowing you can have the miracle of salvation, forgiveness and gratitude.

Just invite the savior into your life and experience the wonder.

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Saturday, February 06, 2010
Take Action
Small actions add up to large results.

We all breathe the same air, we should all work to get and maintain it.

Will you please sign this petition and make your voice part of the record.

Thanks so very much

Bea Kunz

Take Action
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Friday, February 05, 2010
The Chocolate Trade Off - Calories Be Gone
Has it truly been over a year since I posted about Oris George sucking up chocolate cake, and Danielle threatened to out me if I tattled? My gosh, it's been a busy year.

In the past year, chocolate has become a reality in my diet (as if it wasn't already) and I've learned that I can have a piece of chocolate and still enjoy a healthy life. (Someone told me dark chocolate is good for the heart, so I've given up milk chocolate for the cause.)

But then, there's that other story --- you know, the one about "one moment on the lips, forever on the hips". Yeah, that story. I knew you'd remember. Well, in the past year, ole Oris gave up chocolate (almost) for a short period of time and lost most of his excess weight (he still has that ugly thing hanging over his shoulders though) and has gotten back his perty trim bod - looks like a 17 year old girl overdressed in khakis and a white Sunday go to meeting shirt most of the time. (But he don't wear pink!)

Meanwhile, the rest of us accepted the fact that we've eaten a lot of chocolate over the years and it's stuck back there on our butt cheeks. Until... Well, that's the trade off.

If you're going to live in a high rise in Denver, loving every minute of the LoDo life style, you'd better get your face out of the chocolate wrapper and your butt into some jiggly coins and a belly dancer skirt (according to my daughter the belly dancing virtuoso of motherhood). So, I caved. I figured if I was going to sink my teeth into the chocolate, I'd have to work it off somehow, and well... belly dancing looks like fun. Jiggling jiggly coins all over the place looks a whole lot better than a bowl full of belly jelly. Come on, Santa, let's do the belly dancing jiggle!

Oris --- if you find this and repost, I may have to hurt you!!!

And that, my friends is the stroll through the Nature Trails of Chocolate Trade Offs.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009
One Chocolate Addict Coming Up...

I've always been accused of being a chocolate addict, but... I've met someone who out does me, time over, hands down, and still has a chocolate smudged face. Last night at dinner, Oris George was caught eying the chocolate cake, long before it was set on the table. Then with his long stick he got the first piece, Danielle cut her piece in half and gave it to him. Esther asked him if he wanted half of hers and Jan announced unabashedly, he ain't getting half of mine!

Suck ups! They're all out to impress the Writer, just because he has elodes of stories published in that danged ole Brayer Magazine. I'm sure there's a ploy there somewhere, he's just out to get more chocolate cake!

Oh, yeah, I got on here to write about the meeting last night...

A bunch of writers got together as they do the first and third Friday of each month and gathered around the table for food and writer information. We reviewed a new article about being a motivated writer (sometimes leaders must use the whip) and looked over the magazine that instigated the article. The thought of publishing a similar magazine occasionally came to mind... I'm seriously thinking we need to consider it. Everyone else got excited too.

Then we worked on the Internet on Danielle's site and Oris George's site, and I showed them around a couple of my sites.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009
SEO - Cyber-Chocolate "The Chocolate Drop" Marketing Concepts
When I started seeking my marketing experience on the Internet, I looked for quick easy ways to promote my websites, market my information, and climb to the top of's search engine. The Chocolate Drop became my symbol of success.

A chocolate drop isn't too sweet, it's just sweet enough. It isn't too much chocolate, it's just the right amount. A chocolate drop isn't too little, it's just right. The chocolate drop is the perfect symbol for success, because it's enough of the right stuff.

How many chocolate drops do you get when you reach the top? Enough.

If you're operating a business online and seeking success from your business operation, you might want to seriously consider what you're looking at. What does success look like to you?

The Law of Attraction says it's an abundance of wealth. Chocolate Drop Marketing Concepts say, it's enough. Based on the concept of plenty, Chocolate Drop Marketing offers you ENOUGH.

Once you've got what you need, you'll want enough more to keep you comfortable. Enough can mean many things to different people, but to most it means plenty. It means enough. An abundance of any given object is enough to do as you wish with that object. The blessing of ENOUGH means you'll never do without, you'll always have plenty.

The folks at The Chocolate Drop wish you ENOUGH!

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