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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
I wish you... A Merry Chocolate Christmas
Have you been wondering what to get your most precious someone for Christmas?

I have a few solutions for you... Chocolate, White Chocolate, Cherry Chocolate, Apricot Chocolate, ummmm did I say Chocolate?

There are gifts galore in chocolate out there, you just want to know where to look. Well, my friend - I have a few links to suit your fancy.

For chocolate truffles and goodies you won't want to miss - visit and see the selection of chocolate goodies meant for gift giving to your special sweet someone. Just make 'em sweeter with a gift of chocolate!

Got an irresistible diva on your Christmas list? Give her the Diva of chocolate Godiva Chocolate! Wrapped in a basket with a diva garment of your selection to go with it - she'll be yours for many Christmas's to come!

For the children on your list? Stuff their stockings with wholesome Hershey's and watch them come to life Christmas morning. Games and other gifts from Hershey's are a great option for the holidays!! Don't miss an opportunity to grab something chocolate for the little urchins that hang around your Christmas tree.

Or better yet... Chocolate you can share? A Chocolate Pecan Pie - to die for? Here it is, lush, rich, dark chocolate pie with the added crunch of plump pecans - oh yum! You'll want to bake an extra one of these for the freezer - Valentine's day is coming...

But then again... There's something better than all the rest. A treat you won't want to be without, you'll want a supply of these for every month of the year. You can put it on your Christmas wish list, add it to your stocking stuffers, and get an extra order for yourself. Straight from the Italian Mamma in California - created by Liz for special customers just like yourself - Orgasmic Cappuccino Brownies - Whoa, baby, I want more of these!!! Just My Little Taste of Italy will make your holiday fine!

Oh, and send me some too.
posted by Jan Verhoeff @ 8:39 AM  
  • At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Mamma Gloria said…

    Yes, I would like to add the "Budda-Bing Muffins".
    Chocolate with Blackberry Brandy...4 lg. muffins to a box for $10. plus shipping of $10. We can holiday wrap it as extra charge. They ship and freeze very, very well!!

    Chocolate Kisses for you, Jan!!

    Gloria, Liz, Chris, Cyerra, Master Luke...oh, just all of us!!!!

  • At 5:37 PM, Blogger BeaK. said…

    Hi Jan,

    I love the on-going work of the Chocolate Blog!

    Sooo..Let's not forget the chocolate tea .....very tasty, and sounds like a perfect match for those awesome Italian goodies from we know who!

    Happy Holidays! Have something "chocolate!"

    Bea Kunz

  • At 3:27 PM, Anonymous eulademv said…

    This will definitely be a Merry Chocolate Christmas! You've listed some of my favorites...and reminded me that I need more of Liz's brownies!

    I'm also a sucker for Harry and David's Bing and Dark Cherry Chocolates, yum! Are we just sticking to edible chocolate? Because, I loved the chocolate mud bath Chris Lintz sent me. MMM soaking in chocolate, while eating chocolate. Such joy!

    Happy Chocolate Hollidays!

    Eula DeMasi

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