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Friday, January 02, 2009
Chocolate Marketing Splurge - Drenched in Decadence
Drench your new year in decadent rich chocolate marketing splurges and capture the attention of your audience. The beguiling truth is your niche can't resist the sinful decadence of chocolate rich marketing concepts, and you absolutely MUST entice them in for indulgent wealth and abundance.

No, of course, it won't be difficult.

Simply give them a hint of flavor, a promise of fulfillment and they'll follow wherever you lead. The best part of decadent rich enticements is that you buying audience can't resist.

Do you still wonder how to captivate them for more than the traditional 8 seconds?

Try seductive mystery.

Oh yes, you will bring them to the table lush, with unequalled desire to be touched with the delicate flavor of chocolate, but... they'll be more than ready for the devouring demise by the time they arrive. We've all been there:

The aroma tantilizes our nose and we begin to feel the hunger. Even before we hear he gentle tones of violins sucking at the wind, we know, we're about to surrender. The flavor calls. We must follow wherever chocolate leads. No matter that we'll never experiece the elegant flavor of rich, decadent dark chocolate wealth, our desire alone brings the ultimate satisfaction. The thrill of the chase will bring us swilling to our knees to be devoured by whatever fate befalls us. Decadence, the sinful revelation of our own weakness. We know we can't resist the aroma, the hint of mystery that sucks us down into the swirling abyss to be consumed by --- marketing.

The reality is, we seldom purchase a product because we want the product. More often we purchase a product because the marketing of the product appealed to our sense of style, our desire to be popular, our sense of security or our weakness to say no to the decadence and sensual appeal of the products marketing.

Marketing is about creating a sense of need around a mystical value applied to the product we're selling. Once that mystical value appeals to the buyer, nothing more need be done to sell the product.

Desire sells. If you can create a desire, a deep seated NEED to feel the way the marketing makes your reader feel, your product will sell. JV Marketing Concepts shares the Secret that reveals FRESH marketing concepts that will work for your business.

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