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Thursday, December 14, 2006
Cappuccino Brownies: Orgasmic Decadence
Orgasmic Chocolate: The Ultimate Marketing Tool

By Jan Verhoeff

“Oh Lord, if I die tonight, let this chocolate be on my pillow in Heaven.” This Cappuccino Brownie is the closest I’ve been to Heaven in a while. Delectable, delightful, delicious… Orgasmic deep chocolate, so rich it must be refrigerated, and so luscious I need a chaperone to eat one. So, let me tell you what I want for Christmas!

A year’s supply of Orgasmic Cappuccino Brownies… But, you think that might be too much to ask? Well, I’m sure some may think so, but that’s the item on the top of my list. So, what’s a girl to do?

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your girl? Something guaranteed to please? A little something that will remind her that you are the ultimate, the best, the most perfect in the world person for her? Well, let me share this tiny little secret, hidden deep in the California Suburbs, that can be shipped the world over… Liz’s Cappuccino Brownies.

I’m offering a concept that will bring you closer to your ultimate goal of selling your product, a marketing technique that will emerge triumphant from any project you attempt. Are you ready? Here it is, “Fulfill your buyer’s expectations and overwhelm them with the bounty and flavor of your product.”

Whether you are My Little Taste of Italy (at or some other vastly retainable company, your goal is to meet your buyer’s expectations with far more than your buyer thought possible.

When my Cappuccino Brownies arrived snuggly wrapped in cellophane looking, plump, delicious, and rich in their individual little paper cups, I enjoyed gazing on their texture, drooling over the aroma, and just simply viewing them brought on emotions I hadn’t experienced in a while. YUM! Sinking my teeth in for the first bite of velvety rich chocolate flavor and nibbling into that silky intense sweetness presented the most opulent experience of a lifetime.

Market your product with a flair and essence that presents your buying client with more than they expect. Give them orgasmic pleasure, sinful sensation, and opulent appeal; then fulfill their desire with decadence. Your business will expand, exponentially, because you’ve done more than was required.

Marketing Guru, Jan Verhoeff, represents decadence in marketing, with a Fresh approach. Add some life to your Marketing Plan with Refreshing Content created to SELL your product. Visit for a Fresh Marketing Approach that Works.
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