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Friday, April 13, 2007
Forgivable Wickedness

Forgivable Wickedness - How Can You Not Marketing Your Business

By Jan Verhoeff

We’ve all had those moments when we forget to say something about our business. Ooops! We missed a grand opportunity to invite a new customer, or remind an old customer of some wonderful new delicacy we wanted to share with them.

You now have an opportunity to make a difference and do something about those oversights we’ll refer to as forgivable wickedness. Provided you promise to dip your fingers in the chocolate forgiveness and lick the delicious decadence off, while you exercise your marketing expertise in the future.

1) Gorge Yourself on Marketing Delicacies

Know your company. What do you do? Write it down. Edit your information until you develop a savory tidbit of RICH Chocolate Decadence you MUST share about your company. Most Marketers refer to this Delightful Morsel as an Elevator Speech. Must we?

2) Never Hide the Evidence of your Indulgences

Do NOT lick that mustache! While others may accuse you of Blatant Advertizing, and NOT so sweetly, at Chocolate Marketing Concepts your self indulgent behavior is rewarded with more Rich Dark Chocolate. Display the results of your effort proudly. Advertize!

3) Identify the Aroma

Before it even loses the wrapper, the sweet aroma of rich dark chocolate has be licking my lips and drooling in anticipation. The best chocolates always have elegant gold wrapping. Brand your business with elegance and repose in the luxury of success. There’s nothing wrong with glitter and glimmer! Elegance and grace go hand in hand with the Rich delicate flavor of darkest chocolate. Compare and Brand your Market with luxury.

4) Use Temptation

You’ve been there, standing at the counter, about to check out, and that gold wrapped dark chocolate coin is calling your name, tempting you to buy “just one”. Dazzle your customers with temptation. Just a morsel of indulgence wrapped in glitter, waiting for them at the check out counter. Don’t let them leave without just one more item. Some call it up selling.

5) Bring them back for more.

Make your product irresistible so they’ll come back for more. Remember the seven layer chocolate cheese cake that you could only eat four bites of, because it was so rich and sweet, but you desire another piece. You dream of Seven Layer Chocolate Cheese Cake. You want it. You know you can’t resist. Do you go back and get another piece, and take a friend to share it? Of course you do. Make your products and service irresistible! Give them more than they expected, and bring them back for more - with friends.

If you desire the forgivable wickedness of Decadent Chocolate Marketing Concepts - get your morsel of The Chocolate Drop - FREE at

© 2007 - Jan Verhoeff

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