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Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Silence, the Secret of Love

The Secret.

From the Depths of Love a Secret prevails. When I seek to understand the ways of those who twist words and behaviors against me, their words like swords, slicing into my heart. Words of humble intentions were meaningless, when the behavior spoke of other intentions.

Anxiously, I looked for solutions, wondering how I could repair my part of a bad situation. No matter what I said or did at that point, there was no solution. I could only forgive and let go.

Occasionally, God gives us His answer to a prayer in ways we haven't thought about, and may not understand. When our good intentions go bad and become twisted by ill-meaning folks who have chosen to shatter a life due to their own selfish issues, silence is often the most effective answer.

I've learned that defending myself against people who have already formed opinions about me is useless. Rarely does a true opportunity to speak truth in these situastions happen, for the most part, God calls me to silence. Most often, gossip is simply maligning of an individual like a bunch of chickens attacking and pecking.

Therefore, silence is the most effective and valuable response.

Jesus, the God of the Universe, stood silent before His accusers. Silence is trust, that He alone is my defender.

No matter what one says, if someone has a negative opinion of you, you can't change anything.

My reward is in Heaven. I know that God will bless me, His child, even if I'm misunderstood ro maligned here. God sees and hears. He will bless my silence.

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posted by Jan Verhoeff @ 5:10 PM  
  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger Jessica Sellers said…

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the wonderful advice. I used to think I should be a lawyer, as much as I liked to be right and argue my position, but it never has gotten me as far as a kind word or even *gasp* just letting go when no benefit could come of discussing the issue further. I have been reading some books lately that talk about choosing love and life rather than fear and death and it's OK if someone likes milk chocolate and I like 70% cocoa dark chocolate--we can still be friends as lovers of chocolate.

    Thanks for the thought!

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