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Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Chocolate Marketing Concepts
Double Dipping - Chocolate “Article” Marketing Concepts Maximize Profits

Double dipping is often recognized as a negative thing. Nobody wants you dipping your bitten off celery back in the cream cheese, and if you’re a retired school employee working in education is simply taboo. But Double dipping with your article marketing endeavors is a different story.

Let me tell you how to maximize your profits with a successful double dipping strategy that makes each article you write do double or triple duty. These chocolaty rich marketing strategies are sure to bring profits to your business online.

250 Word Summary

This is a key concept. When you’re writing articles, you must have a key concept or principle for which you’re writing. That key can be written in a few words, say… 250 - 300 words, the short form. In this format you recognize your key points and identify the purpose of your article, add a resource box that invites the reader to your website for more information and exit the article with a copyright symbol and your contact information.

5 - 10 Step Article

Usually, the first article I write beyond the summary on any given topic has 5 - 10 steps in a list of specifics I intend to talk about throughout a series of sorts that culminates into a group of articles profoundly capable of becoming much more than just a traffic driving article. Each of these pentacle steps become article fodder that I use in various steps of double dipping the article.

400 - 700 Word Content

This article will be most readily found at the end of the link in your resource box, perhaps through a squeeze page, or some other quick identification grabbing page where your reader can sign into your Marketing List. After all, if they’re really interested in that little tidbit enough to sign up for more, they’ll really be interested in what you offer them every week.

1000 Word Report

Add in those nasty statistics and offer them to your readers at the end of the article at a penance of a price, so they can actually use the information in the article. You’re really not writing an additional 1000 words, but rather adding in specific statistics and details your reader needs to apply the information in your article. Once the details are added, you format the report with a key title and post it as a .PDF online so your readers can download it.

Collaboration Ebook

This step may be the final dip for an article, or a jumping off point, where the article becomes a superfluous and poignant part of my business. The summary becomes an introduction, the step-by-step articles become chapters, a 1000 word report becomes a prolific motivational page with viable directives for attaining great results from the concepts within. Your ebook is done. It’s a collaboration of the articles you wrote for publication on an ezine article distribution site, and your readers now have access to the finished project.

This ebook can be marketed to your Marketing List along with various other markets on the Internet. For more information about Marketing your Articles and Double Dipping for Maximized Profits, go to and get your FREE Article Marketing Templates.

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