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Friday, February 05, 2010
The Chocolate Trade Off - Calories Be Gone
Has it truly been over a year since I posted about Oris George sucking up chocolate cake, and Danielle threatened to out me if I tattled? My gosh, it's been a busy year.

In the past year, chocolate has become a reality in my diet (as if it wasn't already) and I've learned that I can have a piece of chocolate and still enjoy a healthy life. (Someone told me dark chocolate is good for the heart, so I've given up milk chocolate for the cause.)

But then, there's that other story --- you know, the one about "one moment on the lips, forever on the hips". Yeah, that story. I knew you'd remember. Well, in the past year, ole Oris gave up chocolate (almost) for a short period of time and lost most of his excess weight (he still has that ugly thing hanging over his shoulders though) and has gotten back his perty trim bod - looks like a 17 year old girl overdressed in khakis and a white Sunday go to meeting shirt most of the time. (But he don't wear pink!)

Meanwhile, the rest of us accepted the fact that we've eaten a lot of chocolate over the years and it's stuck back there on our butt cheeks. Until... Well, that's the trade off.

If you're going to live in a high rise in Denver, loving every minute of the LoDo life style, you'd better get your face out of the chocolate wrapper and your butt into some jiggly coins and a belly dancer skirt (according to my daughter the belly dancing virtuoso of motherhood). So, I caved. I figured if I was going to sink my teeth into the chocolate, I'd have to work it off somehow, and well... belly dancing looks like fun. Jiggling jiggly coins all over the place looks a whole lot better than a bowl full of belly jelly. Come on, Santa, let's do the belly dancing jiggle!

Oris --- if you find this and repost, I may have to hurt you!!!

And that, my friends is the stroll through the Nature Trails of Chocolate Trade Offs.

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