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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Cyber Chocolate - 100 Important Things About Me
Recently, I got a message from a friend telling me 100 things about her, and I thought it was kind of fun. So, here goes:

1. I have four children.
2. I'm a grandma.
3. I absolutely love dark esspresso chocolate.
3. I can't buy esspresso chocolate anywhere in my home town.
4. I enjoy driving mini-vans.
5. I love wildflowers and I have a field of them in my front yard.
6. My neighbor keeps calling my wildflowers weeds.
7. I prefer to dress in comfy slacks and pretty blouses.
8. I wear the same size I did in high school.
9. I wasn't very skinny in high school.
10. I love wearing lip gloss.
11. I don't really like make up.
12. I like wearing mineral face powder.
13. I love watching the sunrise from my office.
14. I can't see the sunset from my house.
15. I miss watching sunsets.
16. My favorite summer drink is iced white chocolate mocha with caramel.
17. I love decorating my home in old country florals.
18. My home is more modern than old country.
19. I have three address books.
20. I still remember my first boyfriend's birthdate.
21. I love to cook in large streamlined kitchens.
22. My favorite food is strawberry freezes.
23. I like the smell of English Leather Men's Cologne.
24. I love rosehip tea and oatmeal crumpets.
25. If I ever buy a sports car, it will be a Thunderbird.
26. I like my steak medium rare with extra salt and pepper.
27. I love baked potatoes smothered in butter, sour cream, salt, and pepper.
28. I like salad with crunchies and real bacon bits.
29. My favorite desert is Purgatory Pie and the only place you can get it is Bent's Old Fort Inn on the Arkansas River Bridge north of Las Animas.
30. I enjoy promoting my community (
31. I have a HUGE collection of Webshots on my screensaver.
32. I'm part Cherokee Indian.
33. I'm mostly Irish and English.
34. I'm 100% American.
35. I love Pizza - any kind, any time, any place.
36. My favorite flower arrangement is yellow roses, purple statis, and baby's breath.
37. My favorite flowers are yellow roses.
38. I like eating raspberry filled white powdered donuts because they give me a powder mustache.
39. I love to write adventure stories for children.
40. My kids inspire my adventure stories.
41. I love chocolate almonds.
42. Listening to the locust brings pleasant childhood memories.
43. My cousin and I really did eat a whole gallon of strawberry icecream and recover the tank, so it looked full.
44. We weren't hiding in the chicken house, we were at my house reading books under the air conditioner.
45. When I started college, I didn't want a career, I wanted to get married.
46. After I got married, I wished I'd gone to law school.
47. I had terrible tastes in men.
48. I have a great boyfriend now.
49. I love visiting with old people.
50. My favorite music includes river dancing.
51. I can't river dance.
52. I love to polka.
53. No matter how hard I try, I can't keep the polka beat.
54. I love to sing gospel hymns.
55. I always wanted to play the piano.
56. I love folk music.
57. I can't swim.
58. My kids think I hate water.
59. I don't hate water, I just can't swim.
60. I admire Lorri Morgan-Ferrero.
61. If I had the money, I'd be a professional student.
62. I love to learn.
63. My favorite painting is Two Buttes.
64. I'm the artist.
65. One of my paintings once sold for $368,000.00.
66. I didn't own it when it sold.
67. I painted that painting when I was in high school.
68. I gave it as a housewarming gift to an Art Collector.
69. Somebody famous bought my painting.
70. I read really fast.
71. I usually read about two books a week.
72. Now, I often read ebooks instead of real books.
73. I prefer snow to sunshine.
74. I really like the rain.
75. I love to drive in the rain.
76. My favorite salad is fresh pasta with fresh tomato and basil tossed with olive oil.
77. I graduated in 1977 and 7 is my favorite number.
78. I like fried eggs and whole wheat toast for breakfast.
79. My favorite color is a shade of red just darker than scarlet.
80. I always wanted to visit Vermont in September.
81. I love Spring in Michigan.
82. My favorite view is the Rocky Mountains.
83. I love to hear the doves coo in the morning.
84. My best friend is a guy.
85. I home school my kids.
86. I love home schooling my kids.
87. I hated school.
88. I loved college.
89. Marvin was my favorite boss.
90. I hated the job.
91. I designed wedding gowns.
92. I love decorating.
93. I love designing.
94. I like chocolate almond caramel Ice Cream.
95. I prefer brownies with walnuts.
96. I like nuts on almost everything.
97. I used to do Chinese Fire Drills and never got caught.
98. I once changed clothes 14 times before I was ready to go on a date.
99. I prefer my cola with real lime in it.
100. I could listen to Sam all night long and all day and all night and all day...

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