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Thursday, May 22, 2008
Lethal Attraction - Stalk & Rescue
Heading out to the dating game again?

Recently while discussing the dating process with a friend, he mentioned that he often feels stalked by women whom he's been dating. They don't know when to go away. I've had the same experience with men, so I decided to look up some references and see how that works. It's scary.

People really become so attached after a few dates that they believe they own you.

Because there's no statistical dating pool, there's no way to check percentages. But there's a high rate of stalking among the dating crew. Are you a victim of date stalking?

The process seems to be:
  • One or two dates and one realizes the two aren't compatible.
  • Contact is ended without an END to the relationship.
  • One person feels stilted and begins to stalk the other.
  • Stalking includes everything from visits to the job site to drive by views of the person's home.
  • Stalking can include phoning the person and constantly checking to see if they're home.

Some cases have gone so far as to visit the person while they were on dates with other people, telling them they can't get away with that, or they're abandoning a relationship. One gentleman explained that his stalker actually contacted his new girlfriend and began stalking her to stop them from dating.

Stalking is illegal.

There are companies who literally set out to rescue stalking victims, because stalking is such a prominent issue. Stalkers are dangerous. Don't allow the situation to get out of hand. Stop them in the early stage of the game. Call the police. Get protection.

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