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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Making Friends is like melting chocolate - makes you feel all gooey

Making Friends - 5 Ways to Meet New Kids When You Home School

Everyone always asks me if I get lonely when I home school, since I don’t have any friends. But, I think it’s a silly question, because I have a lot of friends.

This is my 5 favorite ways about how to make friends when you home school. I’m going to tell you, so you won’t have to worry if I have enough social time, or not.

Favorite Way #1: Be active in your community.

Get involved in stuff that happens in your town. Join the Arbor Society, or at least show up when you have a chance to plant trees, and then really help out. Work hard so they’ll call you and invite you to come the next time. People remember you when you work real hard.

Favorite Way #2: When there’s a crisis, offer to help.

When the Tornado struck Holly, Colorado earlier this month, I went to help out. I wanted to help people who lost their homes. I helped pack lunches, carried boxes of water, loaded up trash, and helped wipe off tables after the people ate breakfast. Their homes were destroyed and they really appreciated having good food to eat.

Favorite Way #3: Go to Church.

Go to church, get to know Christ as your personal Savior, and invite everyone you meet to come to church too. Get involved in youth group, go on missions trips, and go to camp. Enjoy the activities and take leadership roles whenever possible.

Favorite Way #5: Join Boy Scouts and become an Eagle Scout.

If you’re a guy, join Boy Scouts and take it seriously. When I’m wearing my uniform I take my pledge to help others seriously, then when I take my uniform off, I still help others, because it’s a good thing to do. I am active in events the Boy Scouts do, and I try to attend every event. Like one weekend, we went skiing, I had a great time with my friends, got some exercise, and learned to ski on Monarch.

Do you want to know more about how to make friends?

Or would you like to know how to write articles like this?

I learned in home school and I signed up for my Mom’s FREE ebook “5 Simple Ways to Write Your Own Ebook” and a FREE Subscription to her ezine at and now I’m working on my first ebook “How To Make Friends When You Home School.” Stay tuned in to my blog at and I’ll tell you when I get it done.

© 2007 - Kenton Verhoeff All rights reserved.

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Monday, May 07, 2007
Presentation Marketing

Mother's Day is coming up shortly, and Mom's are notoriously aware of the presentation.
Quite often the actual gift is far less important than just receiving it in a manner that says, "I love you!" Mom's like knowing you took time to think about them and wanted them to feel special.
I remember many times when my children were little, helping them to create a gift, and then offering the wrapping paper, the ribbons, and some help with the card. I have some of the gifts, especially those that were made by hand. But the cards they created and signed are in my keepsake box and only come out when I'm feeling sentimental. Those are the times when I take a few moments to just remember how much my babies cared, and how hard it was for them to write those big words, the ones that say how much they loved me.
This Mother's Day, give your mom a special gift. The gift of Presentation, by showing her how much you love her when you fill in the details.
One possibility, if you live a ways off from your mother?
An ebook, you create using pictures, letters, and messages you wrote yourself. Presentation Marketing can present your Mom with an Instant Keepsake she can print and read anytime.
Visit Ebook for more information.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007
Chocolate Leaping Frogs!
We've all heard of leaping lizards, but Chocolate Leaping Frogs?


I was cruising the net, and found this happy little fellow. I couldn't resist sharing him on the Chocolate Blog.

I'm still wondering what a chocolate frog tastes like?

But... Not enough to try a bite? You?

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Friday, May 04, 2007
Orgasmic Chocolate Marketing

Decadent Chocolate Marketing - 5 Flavors of Decadent Marketing Concepts for Chocolate Lovers

What does chocolate have to do with marketing? Everything! Don’t you know that rich wealthy flavor of chocolate is addicting and once you gain addiction levels with marketing, your product can’t be resisted.

Have you ever experienced something so incredibly decadently wonderful you had to eat it again, go there again, or just experience it again? Have you ever seen a picture or a word ad and known you had to go wherever you had to go to get what was in the picture or the word ad? It’s the decadence that brings you into an emotional connection with the object.

Flavor #1

Enticement. The lingering essence of sucking a buyer into your fold for purpose of selling them product or services. When you use enticement marketing, you draw the customer in by giving them a sensual experience that brings them joy. Have you ever seen a succulent orange with juice spurting from each bite? You can’t resist, you must have some of that orange.

Marketing Concept: Appeal to their View of Delicious

Flavor #2

Stimulating. The ability to stir up action from a distance making an appeal to senses that results in clear cut gravitational pull. When you awaken in the morning to the bitter aroma of coffee perking, you feel a desire to awaken and find the aroma. You can’t resist the aromatic enticement of a stimulating cup of coffee.

Marketing Concept: Appeal to their Sense of Desire

Flavor #3

Magnetic. The compulsive appeal that lures your customer to your corner of the market and keeps them coming back for more. When you bite into that orgasmic cappuccino brownie and taste the decadent wealth of flavors melded in sweet accord, you hear angels singing, the trumpet sounds, and you know you’ve just arrived at heaven’s glorious gates. You can’t resist another bite, so you order more, you keep them on hand, and you never allow them to disappear from your life.

Marketing Concept: Appeal to their Addictions.

Flavor #4

Loyalty. The power to enrich their lives and saturate their ultimate desires with fulfillment brings a customer back faithfully. When your customer realizes you have their best interests at heart and understands that all you do is for their benefit you create a sense of loyalty. Because you fill their needs and keep them happy, they love you, so they come back to you.

Marketing Concept: Appeal to their desire to be loved.

Flavor #5

Abundance. The wealth that transcends time with the supreme sense of prosperity and treasure. When you give them more than what they asked for, satisfy their craving for gifts, appreciation, and profusion, they remember that you satisfied their needs graciously and they come back for more. Because you gave more than they expected, they experience excessive joy and return for more of those good feelings.

Marketing Concept: Appeal to their desire for excess.

Are you ready to capture your market with decadent grandeur?

You too can discover the wealth of excess with a FREE Subscription to The Chocolate Drop at, where Decadent Marketing Concepts reveal a wealth of information and ideas.

© 2007 - Jan Verhoeff. All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Silence, the Secret of Love

The Secret.

From the Depths of Love a Secret prevails. When I seek to understand the ways of those who twist words and behaviors against me, their words like swords, slicing into my heart. Words of humble intentions were meaningless, when the behavior spoke of other intentions.

Anxiously, I looked for solutions, wondering how I could repair my part of a bad situation. No matter what I said or did at that point, there was no solution. I could only forgive and let go.

Occasionally, God gives us His answer to a prayer in ways we haven't thought about, and may not understand. When our good intentions go bad and become twisted by ill-meaning folks who have chosen to shatter a life due to their own selfish issues, silence is often the most effective answer.

I've learned that defending myself against people who have already formed opinions about me is useless. Rarely does a true opportunity to speak truth in these situastions happen, for the most part, God calls me to silence. Most often, gossip is simply maligning of an individual like a bunch of chickens attacking and pecking.

Therefore, silence is the most effective and valuable response.

Jesus, the God of the Universe, stood silent before His accusers. Silence is trust, that He alone is my defender.

No matter what one says, if someone has a negative opinion of you, you can't change anything.

My reward is in Heaven. I know that God will bless me, His child, even if I'm misunderstood ro maligned here. God sees and hears. He will bless my silence.

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