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Sunday, May 28, 2006
Promoting the Chocolate Clache

There are times when I see a business that just needs some promotion. These boxes are created by my friend, Christina Lintz. They are well finished, inside and out with adornments appropriate to the fabric choices. I love the style.

She does more! Check out here site at Cyerra Rose Where she creates Boxes and Bags and markets Mama Gloria's devine Chocolate treats.

This photo was created by our very one Ginger Marks. See her work at DocUmeant.

You know it's amazing what happens when a bunch of women get together. The Winning Sisters of Ryze have created an incredible support group where everyone is welcome to participate and build your business.

Come join us and BRAND YOUR MARKET!
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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Magnificent yellow lilies were a BIG surprise!

Summer is quickly arriving. I hadn't noticed how quickly until today after a trip to town for the Parade and Auto Show.

Afterward, we stopped by a friend's place to visit a moment and I noticed behind her barn a lot of 'green stuff growing'. We walked across a mostly barren spread of driveway to arrive at the area against the 'river woods' behind her barn. Tangled in the green were gorgeous yellow daylillies.

The lillies haven't bloomed in several years due to the drought here. Imagining it could be over is almost as wonderful a miracle as the view of lillies springing up from the barren sod along the path that leads to a still dry river.
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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Chocolate is my favorite thing - particularly when I'm in a place to savor the delicate rich flavor of a delightful dessert with a nice cup of hot tea.

The sweet aroma of lavender and roses blooming, and sunshine lighting the way while I sneek a moment of bliss and wonder - lavishly relaxing in the comfort of - ah...

Have you vendicated yourself lately? Have you savored a moment in your garden this year?
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