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Saturday, August 18, 2007
Cyber Chocolate - Decadent Marketing
Have you gone the extra mile lately?

Cyber chocolate implicates the extra bit of essence, going an extra mile to find the delicate flavor of decadence, and marketing the concept of wealth. How could cyber chocolate have anything to do with marketing?

Easy. The more you desire from life, the more you're willing to give. Can you give enough to surpass the gift of God? No. But you can make the attempt, try and see how much you can give, with God standing there giving every bit of all you give back, ten fold.

The generosity of God presents a kind of wealth that gives you more than you've ever had an attempt to gain from any other source. How can you possibly out give God. Who has the univers at his disposal.

Cyber Chocolate - Decadent Marketing from a source that understands the value of Generosity.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Decadent Living in Colorado Heatwave
In late summer, as hot August winds dry out the prairie grasses, the land appears to be parched and barren, however... In the blink of an eye, a thunderstorm rises up on the horizon and buffalo grass that appeared to be dead, lifts bright spires to the sky in honor of moisture that comes all too infrequently.

The magnificent beauty of the prairie brings a miracle of life to the earth, and a smile to the hearts of those who live here. Our experience of life understands the triumph of a gentle rain, blessing the land, and the struggle of drought.

Life isn't about the result, it's how you face the event.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007
Blogs being restored?
Amazing - some of my blogs are back online, and working okay. I guess complaining to management really does work. I'm not sure if I'll get all of them back or not - but it was nice to see this one back online!

I'll be back to posting normal stuff in a day or so, hopefully they'll restore the rest of my blogs back to accepted status!


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Friday, August 03, 2007
Fine Arts - Ray Charles
I've never enjoyed any piece of artwork this much, and I love to paint. I'll have to work on this style! I love the drama he includes in this piece. Incredible!

I just can't get over how fast he painted this and how easily it appeared on the canvas.


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