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Saturday, October 14, 2006
Rich and thick and choc-o-late
Have you ever wondered how it looks to find the most awesome place on the planet, with the most awesome man in your life, and the most incredible food you can think of?

Just recently, I was asked that question.

I thought about it... I don't know any awesome men. They are all pretty real, have faults, and are a bit miss-aligned with life as I see it. Of course, they think I'm the one who is miss-aligned.

So, given that part of the equation, I have to wonder if the rest is possible?

Then, I realize that life is what it is, and we are each created in the masterful image of God, so I look about and see reality in the fact that I like who I am, I like what I do, and it's okay that I'm not perfect, because only Jesus was perfect and they hung him on the cross!

We went to the football game last night, in my hometown. It was awesome! We played Trinidad's Miners and had a great time. I may get flogged for this, but... Trinidad won, 18 - 13, and the game was awesome. They scored in the last five minutes of the game to bring their team ahead by five points. It's never great to loose a homecoming game... But the reality is, it's just a game and the guys played their hearts out, had a good time on the field, and got trampled in the last few minutes of the game.

That tells me they got a bit cocky. They might have thought they were done fighting, and the game was over, but it wasn't.

Life is like that. We get to a certain point in life and think it's all over, we've arrived at the finish line, and we're okay... But in reality, we're still in the game. It isn't over, and nothing we can do is going to finish it in our favor... It's there. The win is right there, just over the line, but we have to keep running, because we can't get there from here - we have to cross the finish line FIRST.

Gloria, send me some more of those awesome and wonderful Cappuccino Brownies and I'm going to grab a cup of coffee. It looks like a long weekend.
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