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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Roses, Tea Cups, and Chocolate

Are you looking for a simple elegant gift?

Click on the photo at left, or the link Roses and Tea Cups for an elegantly simple gift for any occasion. Send one of these magnificent cups along with some Orgasmic Chocolate Brownies and you'll have a sure win extravagant gift for the one you care most about.

An idea for combining chocolate and tea, happened recently when a good friend of mine asked if we could have an Easter Tea Party for the girls in our church. All twenty of the wonderfully creative and talented young ladies who make up our youth group have made tremendous strides over the past year, and the ladies of our church wanted to honor them in some special way.

I started out searching the Internet for ways to celebrate and honor, offering something delicate and new to the usual options. When tea parties came up, I remembered my friend Nancy and her wonderful assortment of tea cups, and party services. So, I started searching her site. Lucky me, I found some of my other favorites there too.

Miss Gloria's Little Taste of Italy appeared on the party page, along with Ann Zuccardie's Vermont Shortbreads. We won't be lacking for gift ideas for the party, or wonderfully delicious delicacies to share.

Now to get those invitations sent!

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Sunday, February 25, 2007
Chocolate Marketing: Passionate Strategies

I Love Chocolate Marketing Concepts: Passionate Invigorating Strategies Bring Satisfying Prosperity
By Jan Verhoeff

Decadent! Positively sinful, delicious chocolate offers a marketing concept that rocks the road to wealth and prosperity. When you get passionate about marketing your product, you share the flavor and concept with valuable clients and consumers, bringing them closer to the brink of exposure to your delicious treasure.

I love chocolate because it soothes the soul.

The rich decadent flavor of chocolate brings satisfaction to new highs with adrenaline increasing snap. The simple joy of chocolate enriches life. It is impossible to nibble on chocolate and feel sad or bad about your life and who you are. Chocolate brings a wealth of energy to your life. The value of good chocolate is immeasurable.

I love marketing because it breaths life into business.

Marketing reveals the value of a product or service. When you put together a marketing plan for your business and set out to fulfill that plan, you gain ground and find success. Marketing is the wealth of activity that brings prosperity to your business. The value of marketing your business is measurable in profits.

I love productive concepts because they breed enthusiasm.

Concepts encapsulate an idea making it viable and useful. With conceptual understanding of any idea comes distinct steps set into action that will enable you to achieve a goal at the end of the project. As concepts develop, enthusiasm grows and we become passionate about a project, giving wings of flight to the energy necessary for accomplishment. Concepts bring measurable profitability to your business.

Chocolate marketing concepts enrich the presentation of a product or service, creating dynamic energy in a paradigm of success. If you want to succeed abundantly, add chocolate marketing concepts to your visualization of success. The energy gained will rock your business strategies with triumph.

Chocolate Marketing Concepts envelop more than just food. These concepts breath life into the Marketing Dynamics presented by Marketing Guru, Jan Verhoeff. Visit for more valuable marketing ideas and methods to promote your business with Chocolate Rich Enthusiasm.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007
Looking for a Career - Take a Gander at this...

Recently, I was asked to review a site online and found it quite interesting. So much content, detail, and information all sprinkled with valuable links and ideas. I was amazed at the value in a beginner site, and yet, thrilled by the depth of thought put into this site.

Occasionally, a site just works well, and this one works well for me.

Check it out and see what you think.

Paralegal Secretary

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Soft Whispers...

When you really want someone's attention, whisper.

It's long been a fact that the squeeky wheel gets the oil, but rarely the attention. As years of living have taught me, it's the one who quiets in the moment, waits for the opportunity and whispers who has the undivided attention of those around. That's also the person who truly has something to say.

Those who crank the loudest rarely have anything of value to exchange, they simply make noise because they want attention and demand you notice them. Their purpose is selfish and lacks value.

And yet...

The value of notice can be an achievement.

Recently, I became part of a group joining in and participating in the fun, and it was a popular position. But then, slowly, one member of the group became demanding and self oriented. When I stepped back long enough to watch, I realized the self centered issues this person spouted were rarely of any value for the rest of the group. A leader? No, simply the loudest member of the group. I'd aligned myself with one who cranked a lot, but rarely accomplished much on her own. She depended on others to accomplish for her while she took the credit.

Leadership brings along a valuable portion of responsibility. If you can't carry your own load, don't attempt the position.

The value of leadership is in the direction of travel. When you forget where you're going, and the leader of the pack isn't taking you where you want to go, there's something wrong. Fix it.

Slow down long enough to redirect, refocus, find your direction again and shift gears to move steadily in the direction that will meet your goals. When you're going the right direction in life, your momentum will take you there, you won't need the squeeky wheel.
Be sure the light of your focus is the true source of reality rather than a meer reflection of what you seek.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
A Marriage Proposal To Share

When I saw this proposal I had to share it here. What a wealth of affluence and abundance this is!

This proposal cost $2.5M and girls really do just wanna be loved!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Daycare Income Stream Ideas
Maximize Daycare Income: Blog Daycare Activities, Menus, & Mom Tips For Passive Income

By Jan Verhoeff

When you run a daycare at home, you may think you’ve maxed out your time and effort, but - have you?

Every day you plan a daycare menu, child activities, and offer Mom’s tips for making the most of parenting time, because you have experience in those areas. Why not share your daycare experiences and have additional income?

Blog your daycare experiences, run an online forum for parents, and design a website with Tips for Mom’s and Toddlers, or After School Plans and make a bundle from your efforts with passive income streams. Use your daily child-loved meal plans as pages on your website, or blog the craziest stunt your most recently acquired two year old attempted, and you’ve got a winning site with frequent visitor miles.

When you share your day online, other moms become part of your community and you make a buck or two from an alternative source of business. The day is good. Your active income from running a daycare may only make a few dollars a day with all the deductions, but your alternative income streams may bring you a hundred dollars or more, depending on what kind of income streams you include.

You can Maximize your Daycare Income by sharing what you do, increasing your visibility, and making a name for yourself as an expert in your field of child care.

The daily events that make you laugh with joy or cry tears of distress can bring you fame and additional income if you blog it.

When you share your expert knowledge with other daycare moms through a forum, or website, you can offer benefits and bonuses that bring them more income options. Your ideas become valuable and people begin to look for your words of wisdom.

Jan Verhoeff enjoys additional Spring Income from operating a Tax Consulting Business from her home in Southeastern Colorado. IF you’re looking for information, need help with online filing, or just want to discuss your tax prep with a professional, Jan offers hourly consulting fees at reasonable rates. Or you may search for Tax Advice and Information at no cost to you.

If you choose to develop your business with additional income streams, Jan Verhoeff can help. Visit for more information about business development and branding your market.
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Monday, February 05, 2007
Rearranging the office ... Fun

It's not all together, but it's getting there. Between tax clients, and new equipment arriving daily, the office is coming together. The secretary starts in a couple of weeks, and her office is almost complete.

Excitement runs over. And life is good - even in the snow!
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