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Saturday, December 06, 2008
Literary Dysfunction - the Writer dilema
Writers ROCK!

After the writers meeting last night, I returned home to listen to my son picking out some new tune on his guitar, until his pick gave way and the tip found a new place to reside. A broken guitar pick ended practice for the night. I bet there are now moms who will go bend the picks for peace and quiet!

I'm not one of them, but the quiet was blissful until the furnace screamed into the silence.

Our house at the moment resembles New Orleans after Kitrina swept through, moving and moving back and moving is getting redundant. But, the writer thing... That's what has me moving down the road this morning.

Oris Reed, the hot and ready backroads of yesterday writer who depicts mules as intelligent creatures and birds as low life renters on the fly, complained heartily about blogging. He says he's not very skilled at it. I say he's just not very dedicated to it. I think his skill will come with dedication.

During the meeting Ole Oris gathered up enough strength to share his thoughts about writing in 2009 and a few goals too. He's contemplative enough to share his thoughts and private enough to keep something a secret. I know he's got a book he wants to publish come April.

Danielle Simone had organization on her mind... Guess we need to give her a space to use that outlet of skill and talent? Pehaps a blog??? Danielle?? Then there was that sunset thingie... My gosh Danielle, I felt like I was looking out over the water and enjoying it with you. Thanks for sharing that.

Esther shared her thoughts on writing a few historic books about her family history and genealogy during the session.

Ava Betz is concentrating on just moving back with her husband after many years of living separately and maintaining separate careers. The Tom & Ava Betz duo is best noted for their publication of Tom's book in recent years The Fleagle Gang - Betrayed by a Fingerprint as well as many other publication endeavors.

Dan Minor, a newbie to the writing world, shared his new career options and information about a move to Craig, Colorado. He'll be sharing notions and ideas with us via the Internet, more than in person, after the move. We're all looking forward to hearing about his book and the progress he makes on it. I've read several parts of the book. Besides the fact that I tear up with emotion during many of the segments, I believe his book is a political statement our children need an opportunity to read. I'll be promoting it, when he gets it written.

As for myself and why this blog post is titled, Literary Dysfunction...

Last night after I arrived home, I was thinking about all the writing I do and how little of it is actually time sustainable, such as Literature. Dan's book will be a Literary Success because it makes a decided statement about peace and quality of life. But, what about my work?

While my writing is valuable and I know there's great quality in the content of my writing, it isn't Pulitzer Prize winning stuff. At least it hasn't been yet. But, I'm thinking about a book that might actually be Pulitzer Prize winning content. And yet, I'm wondering if that's my purpose for writing. Should it be an actual goal in my life, to write a Pulitzer?

Is my writing, though high quality, viable for Pulitzer Prize winning material, or do I write such mundane, daily content that it's just not valuable enough?

My dilema... Perhaps, but I believe more. I seriously consider some of what I write connected and viable, but... do others?

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